Useful Links

The links below lead to websites and information leaflets that we recommend to our patients. They cover a range of issues from common medical conditions to useful sites where you can apply on-line for a medical card, or download a form for state benefits such as maternity benefit or sickness benefits.

Please take time to have a look through these sites which provide a wealth of useful information.

Women’s Health

Cervical screening:

Breast screening:

Cervical cancer vaccine:

Galway Rape Crisis Centre:

Crisis Pregnancy Agency: 

Family Planning

For information on contraception please visit:

Antenatal Care

For useful advice on pregnancy and antenatal care visit:

For information about antenatal screening available in Ireland, visit the following sites:

For advice on breastfeeding visit:

Child Health and Parenting

For information on childhood immunisations and vaccinations in Ireland please follow this link:

Some helpful parenting websites are:

To visit a site dedicated to fathers-to-be and new fathers visit:

Marriage and Relationship Counselling:

Men’s Health

Mental Health

Aware (Depression):

Alcoholics Anonymous:


To find a counsellor or psychotherapist:

Student Health

For useful information on common student health problems from acne to exam stress take a look at the following useful sites:

LBGTQ+ Health

For useful sites on staying healthy visit:

Gay Switchboard Dublin:

GLEN (Gay and Lesbian equality network):

Transgender Equality Network Ireland

Travel Health

Department of Foreign Affairs Travel Advice:

Centre for Disease Control & Prevention

Sexual Health

Think Contraception

Health Services in Ireland

For information on health services in Ireland, medical cards, health entitlements etc.
please visit the Health Service Executive site:

For advice on applying for a medical card:

To apply for an European Health Insurance Card (formerly E1-11) for use while on holiday in Europe click here:

For advice on all aspects of Public service information visit the Citizens Information website at:

For information about General Practice and General Practitioners in Ireland visit:

Advice for a Healthy Lifestyle

Dietary Advice

To find a dietician in Ireland and for advice on healthy eating visit:

For simple healthy eating advice have a look here:

Advice to Help Quit Smoking

For advice on stopping smoking and information on the national smokers quitline look at:

Advice on Asthma

For advice on this common respiratory condition visit:

Advice on Heart Disease

To keep your heart healthy take a look at the following useful sites:

Advice on Diabetes

For information about diabetes visit:

Advice on Common Skin Conditions

For advice on common skin conditions take a look at these:

General Medical Information

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (USA):

Medical Textbook:


Condition Information Leaflets

All About Medicines

Find information about the medication you have been started on at these sites: